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BOOKS > Monet or The Triumph of impressionism

Monet or The Triumph of impressionism
Travel Library > Arts & Heritage > Arts • Architecture
Monet or The Triumph of impressionism
저자/역자Daniel Wildenstein
Travel Library 2F


Origins and Birth

The Move to Le Havre

The Schoolboy

Ochard's Student - Early Efforts

His Mother's Death


Metting Boudin

Grant Application


Thomas Couture

The Academie Suisse

From Delacroix to Daubigny

The Brasserie des Martyrs

The Impasse



The Meeting with Jongkind



Charles Gleyre and his Academy

Life in the Studio


The Demise if the Academy


The Rue de Furstenberg and the First Salon

The Luncheon on the Grass


Women in the Garden

The Birth of Jean

A Return to his Roots

A Low Point

Madame Gaudibert

Dream and Awakening

La Grenouillere


Trouville and the War



Rue de I'Isly

Early Days in Argenteuil and the Trip to Rouen

The Port of Argenteuil


The Domcieux Inheritance

Tomorrow's Men


Making the Best of Hard Times

Great Encounters

The Hotel Drouot

Misfortune in the Rue Le Peletier

Ernest Hoschede

From Parc Monceau to the Chateau de Rottembourg

The Gare Saint-Lazare

Leacing Argenteuil

L'Ile de la Grande Fatte

The Exposition Universelle

The Last Hoschede Sale

Ventheuil: Another New Start

Settling In

As Quick to Hope as to Despair

The Baritone Scapegoat

The Death of Camille

Merciless People, Merciless Winter

Poverty and Hope

Icebreak and Renewal

The Gaulois Affair

”I am working furiously”

Lavacourt at the Salon

La Vie Moderne


The Return of Durand-Ruel


Leacing Vetheuil

Poissy and the Collapse of the Union Generale Bank

At ”La Renommee des Galettes”

From the Reichshoffen Panorama to the Pourville Seascapes

”Will you like what I am bringing back?”

From Euphoria to Despair

Provisional Reckonings and a Further Trip

The Hotel Blanquet at Etretat

”The Fiasco of My Exhibition”

Somewhere Permanent to Live



Monsieur Moreno, ”A Veritable Marquis de Carabas”

Bordighera to Menton

New Difficulties

Octave Mirbeau

From the Lathuille Banquet to the International Exhibition

The Life of a Landscape Artist

The Manneporte

”Yesterday's Monet is Dead”

Zola's L'Ceuvre

Young Woman with a Parasol

Belle-Ile, Russell and Poly

”Once I get started, nothing stops me”

Gustave Geffroy

The Chateau de la Pinede

The Whole Gang

Theo van Gogh's Mezzanine and the Giverny Studio

Anecdote versus Fact

The First Grainstacks

Chez Maurice Rollinat

”If Flaubert had been a Painter”

”For ever Monet! For ever Rodin!”

Homage to the Memory of Edouard Manet

Monet as a Teacher

Antonin Proust under Fire

Gustave Larroumet Besieged

”Don't make a martyr of yourself by desiring the impossible”

Such a Beautiful Landscape

Variations on a Theme: the Grainstacks

Requiem for a Man of Letters

From the Grainstacks to the Poplars

The Blue, Pink or Yellow Cathedral

The Marriages

The Hotel de Ville Affair

A Pond to Make, A Cathedral to Paint

The New World, The Old World

Legacies, Sales and Added Value

Camondo, Signac and Cezanne

Sandviken near Christiania

As if in Japan

”Cathedral Revolution”

Monet and the Environment

Returns and Repetitions

”So all of them are Manets, all Monets, all Pissarros”

The Henri Vever Sale


Maurice Guillemot, an Inspired Reporter

Zola's Admirable Courage

Boredom or New Start

”The Paganini of the Rainbow”

”So much pain and heartache”

A ”Complete and Unanimous” Success

Apotheosis of Decline?

The First Series of Japanese Bridges

The First London Bridge Pictures

The Dawn of the 20th Century

”I am a Complete Imbecile”

Lodon Society

The Centennial Exhibition

The Water-Lily Pond

”This is not a country where you can finish a picture”

The Meadow

Farewell to Vetheuil

Towards a Subjective Impressionism

”Study and research, which will prove fruitful”

Enthusiasm to Order or Spontaneous Admiration?

”Gardening and painting apart, I'am no good at anything”

London: The Entente Cordiale

Louis Vauxcelles at Giverny

A Pond of Light

Delicate Comparisons and a Well-orchestrated Campaign

Social Progress?

An Autumn in Venice

The Water-Lilies Exhibition in 1909

From Decoration to Abstraction

The Flood of 1910

The Death of Alice

”I am completely fed up with painging…”

Onset of the Cataract

”I feel I am undertaking something very important”

A Studio Constructed in the Midst of War

The Grand Decorations Before All Else

A Triumph in Two Panels

The Law of Silence

The Donation Made Public

From the Hotel Biron to the Orangerie

The Donation if Formalised

Preparing for the Cataract Operation

An Operation in Three Stages

The Patience of Dr Coutela

The ”Patriarch of Art”

”As if he had all eternity before him”

From Charles Coutela to Jacques Mawas

The Donation Under Threat

The Swan Song

”Nothing to be done”

”Monet … may still get back in the saddle”

”A disease which cannot be cured”

The Last Remission

A Gentle Death

The Funeral


Index of Proper Manes

List of Illustrations


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